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About Us

Company TOMAS & CO doo Split was founded 01.12.1992. and it is 100% private property.
The main activity of the company from the beginning was the wholesale of electrical materials and equipment. With the desire that our customer is satisfied in every moment and that their needs are well resolved in one place; the company’s business strategy is focused on manufacturing and designing low-voltage power distribution equipment. In this regard, the company has invested their efforts in building its own manufacturing plant, warehouse and offices in Kopilica, which was opened in 1997, with the primary aim of uniting sales and production in one place.
Many years of professional experience, with constant monitoring of the market and our own training, we are at any time, at your service and help to all our partners.

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TOMAS & CO d.o.o.
Production of low voltage distribution equipment, engineering, design, consalting

Kopilica 9, 21000 Split

TOMAS & CO d.o.o., Kopilica 9, 21000 SPLIT
TRGOVAČKI SUD U SPLITU, MBS: 0600064196, OIB: 52725486771, Temeljni kapital 2.870.500,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti; Članovi uprave: Dragica Perković, Josip Tomas
Poslovni računi: PBZ BANKA D.D. HR0623400091110324589, OTP BANKA D.D. HR6524070001100007498